Tiny Hippo Wrapping Gifts

Tiny Hippo Tries to Use Wrapping Paper

Argh, wrapping presents it is so messy it’s maddening. There must be a better way.

Tiny Hippo Cuts Fabric

First, I must cut the fabric with my handy pizza cutter.

Tiny Hippo Pins Christmas Bag

Avoid pinning yourself to the fabric.

Tiny Hippo uses Sewing Machine

Now, to the great machine!

Tiny Hippo with DIY Gift Bag

Next, flip the bag right-side out

Tiny Hippo with Christmas Gift Bags

Ta-da! Now I have lots of bags to use each year for Christmas

Hot Summer Day with Tiny Hippo

Tiny Hippo is Too Hot

Argh, it is too hot!

Tiny Hippo Climbs some Stairs

I must go inside to find something that will cool me down

Tiny Hippo in the Ice Box

Ahhh… this is very nice, but I was hopping for something sweeter

Tiny Hippo has Ice Cream

Yes, this is more my style

Tiny Hippo Scoops Ice Ceam

Now, to make the perfect cone

Tiny Hippo's Ice Cream Cone is Not Right

It is missing something…

Sprinkles Come from Above

Thank you, Sprinkle Fairy!

The Perfect Ice Cream Cone

Now it is a masterpiece, I must take it outside and enjoy it quickly

Tiny Hippo Eats Ice Cream Cone

Delicious, the dino sprinkles really make it

Tiny Hippos Love Ice Cream Cones

Nom nom nom…

Tiny Hippo gets Brain Freeze


Tiny Hippo is Pleased

Nothing is better than a vanilla cone on a hot summer’s day. I need a dip in the pool, I have made a bit of a mess.



Valentine’s Day Surprise

Tiny Hippo Finds his Valentine's Day Gift

What is this? A Valentine’s Day gift for a Tiny Hippo?

Tiny Hippo and a Rose

Oh my, what a beautiful rose!

Tiny Hippo Finds a Love Note

Nom, nom, nom. That was a delicious gift, I wonder who it was from?

Tiny Hippo and Magical Hearts

Wow! An envelope full of love, it must be from a secret admirer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tiny Hippo has a Snow Day

At first, I was not sure about this snow stuff, it was very cold

At first, I was not sure about this snow stuff, it was very cold

I found it to be rather unstable, were Tiny Hippos not made for snow?

I found it to be rather unstable, were Tiny Hippos not made for snow?

 Hippo Making Snow Angel

Well, if Tiny Hippos were not meant for snow, surely a Snow Hippo will be able to manage this

Snow Hippo

Yes, this Snow Hippo can tackle any challenge winter has to offer!

Tiny Hippo Digs in the Snow

A Snow Hippo does not fear the snow, he dives right in…

Tiny Hippo Surfaces in the Snow

…to reappear in a new location, the drifts providing the stealth he desires

Tiny Hippo Makes Snowman

As it happens, Snow Hippos are also very creative, they build whatever they need

Tiny Hippo and Snowman with Blue Scarf

Such as, a new cold weather friend

Tiny Snow Hippo

While I did enjoy my time as the Snow Hippo, I became chilled and decided that Snow Hippos must take many breaks to go inside for hot cocoa