Tiny Hippo Tucks in a Tree

Tiny Hippo with Mossy Tree

Tiny has noticed that some of the trees in Japan need tucking in with tiny blankets before they can go to sleep

Tiny Hippo Climbs a Tree

Being a kind and caring hippo he has taken it upon himself to make sure that they are snugly tucked in

Tiny Hippo Wraps Tree

“Yes,” he murmurs “very snug and cozy, perfect for winter”

Tree Wrap, Japan

The next time you see a tree with a wee blanket, you will know that a Tiny Hippo is near

3 thoughts on “Tiny Hippo Tucks in a Tree

  1. Love your blog! I happened to be doing some research work about Mori Art Museum and I just saw Tiny Hippo’s pictures! LOVE IT!! So cute!!! My sister and I also got our own hippos, Mr Ho Fan and Miss Ho Kwai. I wonder what brand Tiny Hippo is, we would love to get one. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful moments with Tiny Hippo. 🙂

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