Tiny Hippo Tucks in a Tree

Tiny Hippo with Mossy Tree

Tiny has noticed that some of the trees in Japan need tucking in with tiny blankets before they can go to sleep

Tiny Hippo Climbs a Tree

Being a kind and caring hippo he has taken it upon himself to make sure that they are snugly tucked in

Tiny Hippo Wraps Tree

“Yes,” he murmurs “very snug and cozy, perfect for winter”

Tree Wrap, Japan

The next time you see a tree with a wee blanket, you will know that a Tiny Hippo is near

Tiny Hippo Goes Leaf Viewing

Tiny Hippo heard tell that there is a wonderful temple in Kyoto called Kiyomizu-dera where one must go to truly appreciate the autumn leaves, he hopes he is not too late to see them!


He is in luck! The autumn colors are bright and ready for spectacular show!

Tiny Hippo Kiyomizu-dera

He can hardly sit still, there is just so much to look at

Tiny Hippo Examines the Fall Leaves

Do you see how amazing these bright leaves are? Tiny Hippo wonders how they get so very red and wonders if his fur will ever change to such a fabulous red color

Red Maple Leaves

Tiny Hippo has inventedĀ a game where he must not step on any of the leaves, it is very slow going


There are many paths to explore around the temple

Pond at Kiyomizu-dera

The ponds are very pretty, but swimming is frowned upon. It took all of Tiny Hippo’s willpower to keep from splashing about!

View of Kyoto from Kiyomizu-dera

The views from the temple looking out over Kyoto are quite wonderful

Kiyomizu-dera at Night

Tiny Hippo had so much fun looking at all the pretty leaves that heĀ lost track of time; the next thing he knew, it was dark out and all the trees were illuminated!

Kiyomizu-dera Pond at Night

Alas, he was still not allowed to swim in the pond

Tiny Hippo Arrives in Kyoto, it Rains

Kyoto in the Rain

I have arrived in Kyoto, a lovely city, but it is raining!

Kyoto Workers in the Rain

At first I found the rain rather depressing


Little Ones with Umbrellas

Then I noticed all the bright and cheerful umbrellas that people were carrying!

Woman on Bike with Umbrella

They were even riding bikes with their smashing umbrellas.

Little Kids with Umbrellas

I had to find an umbrella suited to my specific needs, if they make them small enough for these wee children there must be Tiny Hippo sized ‘brellies.

Tiny Hippo with Umbrella

Eureka! I found an umbrella just my size, and it has little elephants on it too! Rain here I come!

Tiny Hippo Stays at a Temple

Tiny Hippo in the Fall

If you are spending the night on Mount Koya, you will need a place to rest your Tiny Hippo

Koyasan Onsen Fukuchiin Shukubo

While there aren’t any hotels on the mountain, there are shukubos which are temple lodgings run by monks. This was our shukubo: Koyasan Onsen Fukuchiin

Inside temple lodgings

We enjoyed the tradition architecture complete with tatami mats and shoji doors

Garden at temple

The meticulously designed gardens were a thing of beauty

Gravel design in rock garden

Just be careful where you tread, only the leaves are allowed to venture onto the intricate patterns

Koi pond

Koyasan Onsen Fukuchiin was the only lodging on the mountain that had its own hot spring for bathing, as it would be indecent for me to photograph such things, here is the koi pond

Tiny Hippo and the Buddha

As evening falls, you may wish to expand your mind with the teachings of the enlightened one

Dinner at Koyasan Onsen Fukuchiin

The vegetarian feast provided by the monks is served in your room. Some of the dishes come with their own fire to keep them toasty warm

Tiny Hippo Feasts

Each dish holds new surprises for the adventurous Tiny Hippo

Dinner in Japan

Don’t worry though, it is all delicious!

Tiny Hippo in the Moss

I left my wonderful temple lodging in Koyason relaxed and rejuvenated. Onward to Kyoto!