Church of San Zaccaria as Seen by a Small White Terrier

San Zacharia, Venice

This is the church of San Zaccaria, the facade uses a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles, circa 1400s.

White Terrier in Campo San Zaccaria

And this, is my dearest yellow ball, Spiky, circa 2013.

Tiny White Dog in Venice, Italy

My magnificent home is next to San Zaccaria, all the other dogs and doges are jealous.

White Dog in Front of San Zaccaria

My human is a champion thrower of spiky balls.

Happy Small White Dog with Ball

Without fail, I gallantly retrieve Spiky.

White Dog Playing Fetch at San Zaccaria

Spiky and I spend each afternoon in front of my church playing fetch with my human.

Cat in Venice

Cat watches our ritual from the window with great interest.

White Terrier with Yellow Ball

I have my awesome San Zaccaria and my stoic ball, Spiky, what more could any doge want?

Bikes of Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara, City of Bikes

Piazza della Cattedrale is located in the heart of Ferrara, and everywhere you look there are bikes.

Bikes and a Courtyard

In each alcove and portico there were bikes all in rows ready to go.

Bike Outside Hotel de Prati, Ferrara Italy

While the natural preferences of bikes was to stay together in herds, there were loners who were happy sought quiet walls to rest against, like this bike outside our excellent hotel.

Fashionable Bike in Ferrara, Italy

Some of the bikes were very dapper.

Vintage Bike in Italy

Others were more rough and ragged.

Red Bicycle with Basket, Ferrara, Italy

Most of the bicycles were adorned with baskets, everyone needs a good accessory, right?

Bike with Lucky Cat Horn

This lucky cat bike was tucked away in a secluded courtyard, it was very shy.

Dog in Bike Basket, Ferrara

Cats were not the only things to embellish the bikes of Ferrara, This fashionable dog was at home in his very own, blanky lined basket.

Fantastic Cats of Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara was a city full of fabulous cats.

Orange Cat in Italy

This stunner was enjoying the view from the top of a car.

Black and White Cat in the Sun

A gentleman kitty cat was enjoying a splash of afternoon sun.

Morning Cat in Ferrara, Italy

We found this sleepyhead just waking up in the early morning.

Kitty Cat in Italy

Never has a cat looked so aloof while dozing on top of a car.

Long Haired Cat

While this fellow looked like he was the bad boy of the block he was a charmer who all the locals knew and loved.

Long Haired Tabby Cat

He would strut his stuff down the road…

Cat Looking Fabulous

and the strike a fabulous pose that would make the women swoon.

Castle Estense (Castello Estense)

The construction of Castle Estense in Ferrara, Italy was ordered by the Marquis Niccolò II d’Este in 1385 after a dangerous riot proved that the Marquis’ family was not safe in times of civil unrest, the architect employed was Bartolino da Novara.

Castello Estense at night, Ferrara, Italy

Castle Estense at night

Castle Estense and Moat, Ferrara Italy

The exterior that we see today was completed in the 1500 hundreds

Castello Estense from Piazza Castello, Ferrara, Italy

Here is a view of the castle from Piazza Castello.

Drawbridge of Castle Estense, Ferrara Italy

The castle can be accessed by three drawbridges.

Courtyard of Castle Estense, Ferrara, Italy

This is the courtyard of the castle. The two wells provided water in times of drought and the round stones at the far end of the courtyard were used as catapult ammunition.

Passage to Dungeons in Castle Estense, Ferrara, Italy

A passage in the dungeons that leads to prison cells.

Prison Cell Door in Castle Estense, Ferrara, Italy

Each cell was secured with three doors, note the small door for passing things in and out of the room.

Cell of don Giulio d'Este, Ferrara, Italy

The castle’s dungeons were not meant for ordinary prisoners but for high-ranking individuals who required strict supervision, such as don Giulio who conspired against the Duke in 1506 and was held in this cell for 53 years. He was released when he was 81 and energetically walked through the streets of Ferrara adorned in his clothing that was over half a century old.

Dungeon Prison in Ferrara, Italy

Here is the prison cell of Ugo, the son of the Marquis who had a love affair with his stepmother, they were both executed in 1425. In the left corner of the cell is the privy.

Dungeon Prison of Ugo in Ferrara, Italy

On the ceiling of Ugo’s cell you can see prisoners’ messages written with candle smoke.

We had a great time exploring this castle. Definitely take a tour of Castle Estense if you are in Ferrara. To see more photos of our trip to Ferrara select Italy from the category drop down at the top right of the page.