Bikes of Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara, City of Bikes

Piazza della Cattedrale is located in the heart of Ferrara, and everywhere you look there are bikes.

Bikes and a Courtyard

In each alcove and portico there were bikes all in rows ready to go.

Bike Outside Hotel de Prati, Ferrara Italy

While the natural preferences of bikes was to stay together in herds, there were loners who were happy sought quiet walls to rest against, like this bike outside our excellent hotel.

Fashionable Bike in Ferrara, Italy

Some of the bikes were very dapper.

Vintage Bike in Italy

Others were more rough and ragged.

Red Bicycle with Basket, Ferrara, Italy

Most of the bicycles were adorned with baskets, everyone needs a good accessory, right?

Bike with Lucky Cat Horn

This lucky cat bike was tucked away in a secluded courtyard, it was very shy.

Dog in Bike Basket, Ferrara

Cats were not the only things to embellish the bikes of Ferrara, This fashionable dog was at home in his very own, blanky lined basket.

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