How to Carve a Pumpkin (Halloween Laboratory)

Halloween is a very fun time of year and nothing adds to the spirit of the season like a good pumpkin carving. However, to properly create the best jack-o-lantern, one must follow some key rules of safe laboratory etiquette.

First off, sterilize all your instruments.

Carefully lower your instruments into the cleaning fluid

Oops, too many bubbles!

Lay out all your clean tools, an organized scientist is a good scientist

Prepare the patient for the operation

Now, don your protective eye ware

Make the incisions for opening the gourd

Excavate the subject, this will be messy

Now, carefully make your cuts

Next, set the experiment aglow!

Finally, bask in the splendor of your creation

There is nothing better than an experiment well done, and a new friend to show for it