How to Avoid Jet Lag, Advice from a Purple Hippo

Avoiding jet lag is a much discussed art form.

Here are some of my favorite techniques so as not to feel tuckered after a transcontinental flight.

Number 1: Listen to relaxing music.

Number 2: Comfort is key, I suggest a neck pillow and eye mask.

Number 3: Stay well hydrated.

If you follow these three steps, you will be perky and alert when arriving at your destination.

This old man did not, he was asleep upon arrival to London.

Baby Ducks Explore the Pond

We reunite with our soft ducklings from last week, to find mama and papa duck taking the baby ducks out for a romp in the pond

At first the ducklings were too cautious to leave the protection that mama duck provided.

However, as the evening wore on, the little ducklings became bold.

Challenges were made, races were had.

Papa duck felt that it was necessary to act as the official life guard and referee.

After the races, papa duck demonstrated advanced fishing techniques to the young ones.

However, they preferred to simply peer into the depths of the pond from a safe distance.

Once all the ducklings had explored the pond, mama duck guided them home for a well  deserved rest.

Mama ended the evening with a good night kiss for each of her many ducklings.