Travel Tip #7: Five Rainy Day Ideas

Travel Tip #7: Advice from a Purple Hippo

Rainy days

While traveling you are likely to experience some dreary weather.

This bunny is grumpy, don’t be the grumpy bunny

Rainy days can make even the most joyful of travelers a little grumpy. But don’t worry, there is plenty to do while you wait out the weather!

Here are five rainy day activities that are sure to brighten your mood:

#1 Build yourself a fort or castle.

This is a great opportunity to do something useful with all the new architectural information that you picked up while viewing those historic castles, see Travel Tip #6.

#2 Play a game of Jenga.


Play Jenga alone or with a group of friends, it’s always a good time.

Easy does it…

Careful, careful now!

Quick, somebody catch it!

Oh bother.

#3 Visit the local bar and join in the pub quiz.

Pub quizzes are great for learning about different cultures and making new buddies, be sure to try the crisps.

#4 Go to the local shops

#5 Go out for cream tea.

Never mind that there is no tea in the picture, there are more important things to consume!

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