Neko Danbo Makes S’mores

Neko Danbo gathers all the ingredients he needs to make the ultimate S'mores!

Hello all, I am Neko Danbo, please join me while I create the ultimate S’mores.

Graham Cracker and Neko Danbo

First, we arrange the graham cracker base.

S'mores Neko Danbo

Next, some fine dark chocolate.

Bacon S'mores

A piece of bacon to liven things up!

Marshmallow Neko

Top with a homemade marshmallow, so gooey.

Neko Danbo Needs Help

Now, I need an adult!

Melting Marshmallow

Yes, toast that marshmallow!

Toasting Marshmallow

Perfectly crispy.

Neko Danbo Feasts

At last, we feast!

Neko Danbo Noms

Nom nom nom…

Neko Danbo is Full

Don’t judge me.

danbosmores.gif (600×450)