Johnny’s Take Away, Nara

Johnny's Take Away, Nara

There is a tiny restaurant in Nara, Japan called Johnny’s Take Away. This place is a gem, they make the BEST karaage (Japanese fried chicken).

Wee Dog at Johnny's Take Away, Nara

Not only is the chicken amazing but there is also this wee dog who sleeps in a baby stroller!

Papillon at Johnny's Take Away

This little guy will wait in his stroller until something of note happens, then he will emerge in his finest jumper to investigate (note he has easy access to all his toys, stored in the bottom of the stroller).

Papillon Dog, Johnny's Take Away, Nare

This little Papillon is eager to please and has a wide variety of flawless tricks that he will perform under the careful watch of his owner.

Tiny dog at Johnny's Take Away

The food at Johnny’s is amazing the company even better, you will be happy you went.

Johnny's Take Away with Dog

So when you are in Nara, check out Johnny’s you will take away new friends and full tummies!


Tiny Hippo Makes a Friend in Yoshikien Garden

Yoshikien Garden, Nara

Yoshikien Garden in Nara was my favorite garden in Japan.

Yoshikien Garden in the Fall

This garden is so peaceful, as an added plus, it is free to all foreign visitors!

Tiny Hippo Gets Lonely

Despite being in such a beautiful garden, even a Tiny Hippo can get lonely…

Tiny Hippo in a Garden

Don’t worry though, you are bound to make friends anywhere! While posing for this picture I heard people giggling and chattering behind me. That is to be expected, you know, I am often a great source of interest.

Tiny Hippo Meets another Travel Companion

What i didn’t realize was that I was about to meet someone just like me! This is a mouse from Singapore.

Travel Companions

He travels the world just like I do, acting as a travel companion for his human friend.

Photo Shoot in Yoshikien Garden

The mouse travel companion also tends to be rather clumsy, just like a certain Tiny Hippo.

Making Friends

We made sure to get a photo with our humans so no one felt left out. It was a glorious chance meeting.

Tiny Hippo at Yoshikien Garden

Even after the mouse and I parted ways I took the joy of meeting a kindred spirit in such an unlikely place with me for the rest of my visit.

Tiny Hippo White Flower

My one regret about my meeting the mouse and his human was that I did not get their contact info, it was all too exciting to think of such a trivial thing! If you know the mouse traveling companion or even his human please let them know I am looking for them!

Nara: The City of Deer

Nara Deer

The deer of Nara Park are one of its most defining features.

Nara Deer Toys

Wild deer roam Nara Park while stuffed deer frolic through the shops.

Nara Deer Warnings

She looks harmless enough.

Tiny Hippo in Nara Park

I am sure there is nothing to worry about, the deer look so cute.

Nara Park Deer Fall

Here comes one now, what a rare treat!

Deer and a Tiny Hippo in Nara

Why hello, what long eyelashes and whiskers you have, madam.

Tiny Hippo and Deer

Oh! I did not see your friend behind me, you must forgive my rudeness at not complimenting both of you fine ladies this lovely morning.

Tiny Hippo Surrounded by Nara Deer

Sir, things are getting a bit cramped in here, please wait your turn, I know the moss is delicious in this area.

Tiny Hippo with Nara Deer

Great jumping jellybeans, they’re everywhere!

Nara Deer Crackers

Yes, that’s it, distract them with your crackers!

Tiny Hippo Rescued From the Deer

Thank you, kind lady, you have saved me from a horrific fate.


Old Daijoin Temple Garden

Old Daijoin Temple Garden

This is the Old Daijoin Temple Garden, a 12th century garden which is just a short walk from Nara Hotel

While the garden is lovely and tranquil, our favorite part about visiting the Old Daijoin Temple Garden was the Heritage Center. The center had a calligraphy exhibition on view which was lovely. The people working at the center were delightful and very excited that we showed interested in their work. In the center’s tea room there was a group of women dressed in pretty kimonos who were serving dessert and tea. The women were ecstatic once we finally worked up the nerve to venture into their domain. They rushed to make sure we were comfortable and then spent a half hour or so chatting with us. It would be fair to say that we were just as interested in them as they were in us. The women were eager to let us in on the best things Nara had to offer, specifically the locally grown foods. They even rustled up some Clementine oranges and a persimmon for us to take back to our hotel. These ladies were the model of hospitality and if I had not already fallen in love with Japan this experience sealed the deal. If you pass by the Daijoin Temple Garden stop in, you may just stumble into a charming new world.

Tiny Hippo at Old Daijoin Temple Garden, Nara

The Zen of the gardens is felt by even the smallest of hippos.

Tiny Hippo Explores Nara Hotel

Nara Hotel Driveway

This is Tiny Hippo reporting to you from Nara Hotel, a 1909 luxury hotel. Join me while we explore!

Tiny Mail Box Nara Hotel

This is a very small box, just for Tiny Hippos

Nara Hotel Lounge

Now we enter the lounge used by all the fine ladies and gentlemen

Tiny Hippo Plays a Game

There are game tables, now if someone could explain the rules I am sure I would be quite good at this.

Twin Room in Nara Hotel

This is my glorious room, they gave me two beds, how posh!

Nara Hotel Tea Room Fall

The tea room looks out over the gardens.

Tiny Hippo with Flowers

I enjoyed the fresh flowers while I was waiting for my tea, someone may have eaten them…

Tiny Hippo Dines at Nara Hotel

This is mine. I know they gave me two forks, but don’t get any ideas!

Nara Hotel Grounds

After my tea, I wandered around the hotel’s grounds.

Path at Nara Hotel

There is a charming path that leads down to a lake full of ducks

Bar at Nara Hotel

This is the bartender, you can tell by his white suit

Tiny Hippo with Shirley Temple

I ordered a Shirley Temple, it came with this strange tiny spoon, I wonder why. Well, that is the end of our tour of Nara Hotel, I highly recommend you visit!