Sisters Garden and Bloom

Sisters Garden and Bloom in Kalona, Iowa, are two wonderful shops in rural Iowa that always contain treasures for the avid hunter of old and new curiosities.

Driving up to these stores you know you are in for something different

Driving up to these stores you know you are in for something different

Vintage Bike with Christmas Lights

A line of vintage bikes decorated with fairy lights


Of the two shops, Sisters Garden has more vintage and antique items than Bloom


Mirrors are a key element to the decorating of the shop, they add depth and wonder to the space

Peeling Paint Cabinet

A wonderful old cabinet with many layers of peeling paint is reflected in another mirror

Romantic Dark Dresser

The stores themselves, are old, happily distressed, farm houses.

Lace Pennants

Sisters Garden uses many soft light sources to add a sense of drama and fantasy to each room

Vintage Vanity

Never mind that man in the mirror, just my assistant, ignore him

Bloom in Kalona, Iowa

The Bloom shop is very eclectic

Bloom Shop in Kalona, Iowa

Bloom is a brighter, more retro, version of Sisters Garden

Happy Birthday Pennants

I just love all the layers to look at in the shop; though, I seemed to have wondered into this shot

Painted Stairs

The upstairs of the shop is even more whimsical than the ground floor…

Tin Stove

The upstairs is devoted to new and old children’s toys!

Vintage Erector Set

My husband may have squealed when he saw this Erector Set, don’t tell anyone

Bloom Shop

The view from the loft is great


My favorite part of Sisters Garden and Bloom is this greenhouse built from old windows and doors

Sisters Garden and Bloom are two great shops that are always changing.

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