Kew Gardens the Pagoda and the Japanese Gateway

There are many wonderful and unique attractions that can be viewed at Kew Gardens.

The serene Garden of Harmony with the Chokushi-Mon (Imperial Envoy’s Gateway) are gems in Kew’s landscape.

The Japanese Gateway perched above the Japanese garden. The Garden of Harmony was designed in the style of the Momayama period of the original gateway.

The gateway is a four-fifths replica of the 1573 Nishi Hongan-Ji gate in Kyoto, Japan. The gateway was created for the Japan-British Exhibition in London in 1910. Once the Exhibition was over the gateway was dismantled and reconstructed on Mossy Hill, near the Pagoda in Kew Gardens.

Pagoda from the Garden of Harmony

The Great Pagoda was completed in 1762 under the supervision of Sir William Chambers from a design imitating traditional Chinese pagodas.

The ten story-high Great Pagoda is 163 ft high, making it an excellent landmark of Kew Gardens

The Great Pagoda offers a lovely shady spot in which to rest

We ended our tour of Kew Gardens with a relaxing break under the shade offered by the Great Pagoda.