Grackles in the Garden

The grackles in our garden are very mischievous, making themselves the jesters of our tiny backyard jungle.

This grackle enjoys throwing maple seeds into the air while hunting for tasty treats

The less active grackles prefer to stroll through the grass looking for easy snacks.

This leisurely technique may not seem as exciting as the seed tossing method…

However, searching through the grass does yield nom noms such as stale cereal

To freshen up stale cereal, this grackle decides that it would be much better after being dipped in the bird bath

The grackles discover that the bird bath is great for other uses, not just softening up old cereal.

The bird bath is also a great place to take a bath, but be warned, others will want to join in…

One must be very fast about enjoying the bird bath

As soon as this grackle became distracted with his bath another bird decides to sneak into the picture

Still unaware of his rival, this water baby splashes about in pure joy

Splish splash, splish splash

Wait for it…

Then the intruding grackle makes his presence known!

What will the bathing beauty do, will he flee in fear or stand up for his right to enjoy his bath in peace?

While the rival grackle is intimidating is his puffed up stance, our water lover is not trembling in fear

He uses his large wingspan to out puff the interloper

In the end, our water-loving grackle was able to hold on to his prize position at the bird bath!

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