Travel Tip #9: How to get the Most Out of Every Day

Travel Tip #9: Advice from a Purple Hippo

Whether sightseeing in the country or city there are several things that you need to do in order to be able to appreciate your trip.

First, make sure to take lots of breaks, you are going to be walking for miles each day, so take it easy.

These umbrella like plants at Kew Gardens provide an excellent shady spot in which to take a quick break

Be sure to stay well hydrated, this is very important. If you overheat you will become very grumpy, so drink plenty of cool water.

The fountain in the Queen’s Garden at Kew Gardens is a great place to have some refreshing water

If you can catch a ride with a local, do so. Locals can give you a more authentic perspective into what daily life is really like at your destination.

This colorful camel was able to show me around the British Museum, a place he has called home for several years

Most importantly, be sure to relax, a stressed explorer is not a happy explorer. Be sure to smell the flowers and enjoy the experience, no matter what it brings.

Stop and smell the Azaleas, but be sure not to eat too many of them, people will notice

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most out of every day of your vacation. Be sure to enjoy yourself and take lots of breaks.

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