Neist Point, Isle of Skye

Neist Point is one of the many wonderful places to visit on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Many travel to Neist Point to view the lighthouse, but I suggest that the best part of this trip was absorbing the beauty of the region.

Neist Point Lighthouse perched a top the cliff

When standing on the cliffs looking out over the ocean I was struck with the feeling of being at the edge of the world.

Panorama of Neist Point, click on this image (and all the overs) to enlarge

Perhaps, my favorite part of the Isle of Skye was the ever-present sheep that seemed able to navigate every type of terrain that the island had to offer. The tiny white specs in the grass are sheep.

Sheep, they go everywhere

The clouds on the grassy cliffs add another layer to this awesome landscape, also sheep

We were always surprised with how a short walk would reveal a new and beautiful perspective.

A new perspective grants new photographic opportunities

The enormity of the landscape is always a welcome surprise

The more subtle features of the area can be just as dramatic as the showy ones. On the drive to Neist Point you will pass Loch Mor, a lake that seems to float in the cradle of the surrounding hills.

Loch Mor, on the way to Neist Point

We always try to visit the more dramatic locations when the sun is rather low in the sky, the lighting is just more magical and grants the photographs some of that wonder that we experienced while taking the photographs.

A perfect end to a long day, at Neist Point




Winchester Cathedral

We concluded our last day in England with a visit to Winchester Cathedral, it was amazing.

Winchester Cathedral is a Church of England Cathedral located in Winchester, Hampshire, England. The Cathedral boasts many great examples of English church architecture dating from  the 11th to the 16th century.

West front of the Winchester Cathedral, the sun and clouds were all aligned perfectly for this photo

The Gothic window which was destroyed during the English Civil War was rebuilt in 1660 using the shattered glass from around the Cathedral

The flying buttresses of the Cathedral are a Gothic characteristic of the building. Flying buttresses keep the walls of the nave from bowing outwards.

This is the Lady Chapel on the east end of the Cathedral, it was remodeled in the 15th century

South transept from the Norman period of 1079-1150

This is the north side of the Cathedral, the brick paths trace the foundations of Old Minster built-in 634 and demolished in 1093

The longest nave of any Gothic cathedral in Europe

Exterior of the choir from the south side

The choir stalls date from 1308

Bishop Langton’s Chapel, showing painted ceiling

Interior of Bishop Langton’s Chapel

Lady Chapel, showing wall paintings from the early 16th century

The north transept shows the original Norman cathedral’s style

Sun shining into the north transept

Looking up in the north transept

The oldest part of the building is the crypt which dates from 1093, it floods frequently

Nave and alter of Winchester Cathedral

This Cathedral is spectacular, if you are in the area visit it. For more information on  Winchester Cathedral visit their website:

Travel Tip #8: Washing Up

Travel Tip #8: Advice from a Purple Hippo

Be sure to take a bath and do laundry regularly, no one likes a stinky tourist.

The busy traveler often has difficulties when looking for adequate facilities in which to take a bath in. Never fear, a little ingenuity can go along way. One can use a large sink or basin for sponge baths. A hose is just a portable shower, try it out.

Or you could go with my personal favorite… (note for safety reasons the technique that follows should only be used by properly trained tiny purple hippos)

 Just climb into your machine of choice with your favorite bath puff

Yes that’s right, I use a front-loading washing machine, preferably with a window door so that I can watch the world spin by.

Have a friend close the door for you, or devise a system of levers and pulleys so you can shut the door from the inside, I have yet to master that technique.

At this point the water will start to fill the drum of the machine, make sure that you have set the water temperature to warm. Hot will scald your delicate hippo hide and cold will leave you chattering and a much darker purple.

This is my favorite part, the gentle agitation of warm water with lavender-scented bubble bath.

Here comes the spin cycle. Wa wa wa weeeee!

Oh bother, *burp*

There you have it, just look around and you will find so many places to rid yourself of all that grime you have picked up in your travels.

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Inspection of the HMS Warrior by Admiral Burrower

This is Admiral Burrower, tiny hippo, reporting for the inspection of the HMS Warrior.

Ship soundly anchored in Portsmouth, UK.

Fancy Greek man still guards the front, er bow, of the ship.

Stern chaser gun with nicely polished track, accounted for.

Perhaps, we should check the velocity of the cannon at a later date

Rope ladder seems sturdy enough.

Hmm, glass over compass is foggy. Someone, see to this!

Net in place to catch cannon balls, check

These pointy thermoses for hot coco are an excellent addition to the boat.

Main mast looks good from here

Nicely lined up, well done, oh and more thermoses, excellent!

Hmm, very nice symmetry, I approve

Now if I just pull this back something should happen

Overall, I issue gold stars all around for the grand HMS Warrior!

Travel Tip #7: Five Rainy Day Ideas

Travel Tip #7: Advice from a Purple Hippo

Rainy days

While traveling you are likely to experience some dreary weather.

This bunny is grumpy, don’t be the grumpy bunny

Rainy days can make even the most joyful of travelers a little grumpy. But don’t worry, there is plenty to do while you wait out the weather!

Here are five rainy day activities that are sure to brighten your mood:

#1 Build yourself a fort or castle.

This is a great opportunity to do something useful with all the new architectural information that you picked up while viewing those historic castles, see Travel Tip #6.

#2 Play a game of Jenga.


Play Jenga alone or with a group of friends, it’s always a good time.

Easy does it…

Careful, careful now!

Quick, somebody catch it!

Oh bother.

#3 Visit the local bar and join in the pub quiz.

Pub quizzes are great for learning about different cultures and making new buddies, be sure to try the crisps.

#4 Go to the local shops

#5 Go out for cream tea.

Never mind that there is no tea in the picture, there are more important things to consume!

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