Tiny Hippo in the Silver Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum

There are tons of great things to see when visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The silver galleries beautifully house an exquisite collection of silver. The most spectacular way to enter the galleries is by the Ceramic Staircase which provide a glimpse into the original designs of the museum and the founding desire to focus on design as well as craft.

The Ceramic Staircase is a remarkable entrance to the Silver Galleries

The Ceramic Staircase is as functional as it is fanciful, and no one minds if a tiny hippo slides down the banister; in fact, a small crowd formed while this hippo slid gleefully down the railing

Once you reach the Silver Galleries be sure to note the two Minton ceramic clad columns that were reconstructed after a discovery of some of the original tiles in the museum’s basement.

Minton ceramic column in the Silver Galleries

There are many strange and delightful trinkets on display in the Silver Galleries.

These sharp bird scissors are just one of the many whimsical things that live in the silver gallery

There are a wide variety of miniature silver pieces in the collection, many of which were designed for children.

While children may have been the intended users of these pieces, one should not negate the ways in which a tiny hippo could take advantage of them, if only someone would open the case for him

There are a number of hands on activities in the Silver Galleries.

Playing hide and seek in the silver steins is a favorite game for any hippo visiting the galleries

There is also a great activity where you can make your own hallmark, just like those found on real silver.

One can first view real hallmarks through magnifier glass on the works displayed in the galleries before trying to create a hallmark

Here is the process for creating your own hallmark.

Place the silvery disc under the press, be sure to center it evenly

Apply all your force on the lever

Retrieve your treasure, it is your badge of honor for a wonderful visit to the Silver Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Silver Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum provide a wonderful display of imagination and creativity. I would highly recommend a trip to this museum and a playful exploration of the Silver Galleries, located on the third floor.

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