Inspection of the HMS Warrior by Admiral Burrower

This is Admiral Burrower, tiny hippo, reporting for the inspection of the HMS Warrior.

Ship soundly anchored in Portsmouth, UK.

Fancy Greek man still guards the front, er bow, of the ship.

Stern chaser gun with nicely polished track, accounted for.

Perhaps, we should check the velocity of the cannon at a later date

Rope ladder seems sturdy enough.

Hmm, glass over compass is foggy. Someone, see to this!

Net in place to catch cannon balls, check

These pointy thermoses for hot coco are an excellent addition to the boat.

Main mast looks good from here

Nicely lined up, well done, oh and more thermoses, excellent!

Hmm, very nice symmetry, I approve

Now if I just pull this back something should happen

Overall, I issue gold stars all around for the grand HMS Warrior!

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