Burrower’s Photography Tips

A few tips to help you perfect your travel photography.

First, set up your tripod.

Second, attach camera to tripod.

Third, assume the position.

Fourth, wait for the decisive moment!

Fulmar peering

Fulmar soaring

Fulmar above the rocks at Troup Head

Herring gull soaring in the blue sky

Herring gull carrying lunch home

Razorbills and Guillemots at rest and in flight

Gannet in flight, note the awesome light blue bill

Soaring gannets

Gannet with a snack

Gannets taking off from cliffs at Troup Head

Gannet seeking

Gannets, the spotted one at the top is not yet an adult

Gannets, they are watching you

Unidentified Soaring Bird (USB)

This little stoat was running about the cliffs

Cliffs of Troup Head

Gannets in a circular pattern at Troup Head

I was also able to see two puffins, but they were both very grumpy and did not wish to be photographed.

These photos were taken at RSPB Troup Head nature reserve in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. For more information about the reserve and the birds that they protect go to RSPB Troup Head.

Lost and Found on the Isle of Skye

While exploring the Highlands of Scotland I stayed for a time on the Isle of Skye.

Skye is a beautiful island that seems like the setting for a fairy tale; in fact, I believe I unwittingly stumbled upon just that.

On my way down to Talisker Bay,

I stumbled upon a soft mound of fluff. I could not figure out what the fuzzy stuff was for and why it had been abandoned in this desolate place.

I thought perhaps I could make use of it, it would make an excellent hat or wig, but then again it was not mine, I had no right to keep it.

Thus, I set out to find the local lost and found, without any luck.

Discouraged, I sat in the field wondering who could have lost this wooly fluff and how could I find them?

Then it struck me, this field was full of sheep! Big white fluffy sheep, perhaps one of them had misplaced part of his sweater.

I found the half-naked sheep who had misplaced some of his wardrobe.

When I informed him that I had found his missing sweater he was so elated…

That he rolled all the way down the hill to collect his lost fluff.

Once he had donned his duds he was very pleased with himself.

And there you have it, the sheep and his sweater, a modern fairy tale.