Snow Hippo makes an Igloo

Snow Hippo Getting Ready to Build an Igloo

Greetings, I am the Snow Hippo

Snow Hippo Constructs Igloo

Master of my domain!

Stacking Blocks of Igloo

I use my surroundings to make everything I need, even a winter home

Tiny Blocks for Igloo

Each block of snow is placed carefully to create the perfect igloo

Tiny Hippo Places Last Blocks in Igloo

The delicate work of placing the last blocks does not daunt the mighty Snow Hippo

Finishing Touches on Igloo

Candy canes were added for delicious structural support

Snow Hippo in his Igloo

A job well done, bask in my brilliance!

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Campbell Center

Recently, I took a week-long course at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies in Mount Carrol, Illinois. Not only was the course highly informative, I also had a blast exploring the early 20th century campus. One evening we were able to go into the old gymnasium that hadn’t been used since the seventies.

Campbell Center Gymnasium

The gym is not very exciting from the outside but wait until you see inside!

The old pool in the basement of the gym

The old pool in the basement of the gym is in remarkably good condition, don’t worry about the mold in the corners, it adds character

Bathroom Sinks

The bathrooms were not so well-preserved

Bathroom Stalls in Abandoned Gym

The dilapidated bathroom stalls

Early 20th Century Gym

I am not sure what this room was used for, maybe it was a locker room?

Basketball Court

The basketball court, complete with basketball

Theater in Gymnasium

There was even a theater at the end of the basketball court, painted on the wall were the names of the crew of “The Silver Whistle” performed in 1959

Basketball Court and Theater From Above

This was taken from a small room overlooking the basketball court

Ping Pong Table in Abandoned Gym

A Ping Pong table in the room overlooking the basketball court

Shower Stalls in Old Gym

This was the old shower room

Sinks in ealry 20th century gym

I took this picture by sticking my arm around the corner because I could not walk into this room due to all the rubble

Old Room in Gym

I was not able to explore all of the rooms because the light was fading quickly, I pretty much just shot these last two photos on the fly while I was finding my way out of the gym

Last Room in the Old Gym

One last glimpse of the old gym

I loved being able to explore this old building, what a rare treat!


Winchester Cathedral

We concluded our last day in England with a visit to Winchester Cathedral, it was amazing.

Winchester Cathedral is a Church of England Cathedral located in Winchester, Hampshire, England. The Cathedral boasts many great examples of English church architecture dating from  the 11th to the 16th century.

West front of the Winchester Cathedral, the sun and clouds were all aligned perfectly for this photo

The Gothic window which was destroyed during the English Civil War was rebuilt in 1660 using the shattered glass from around the Cathedral

The flying buttresses of the Cathedral are a Gothic characteristic of the building. Flying buttresses keep the walls of the nave from bowing outwards.

This is the Lady Chapel on the east end of the Cathedral, it was remodeled in the 15th century

South transept from the Norman period of 1079-1150

This is the north side of the Cathedral, the brick paths trace the foundations of Old Minster built-in 634 and demolished in 1093

The longest nave of any Gothic cathedral in Europe

Exterior of the choir from the south side

The choir stalls date from 1308

Bishop Langton’s Chapel, showing painted ceiling

Interior of Bishop Langton’s Chapel

Lady Chapel, showing wall paintings from the early 16th century

The north transept shows the original Norman cathedral’s style

Sun shining into the north transept

Looking up in the north transept

The oldest part of the building is the crypt which dates from 1093, it floods frequently

Nave and alter of Winchester Cathedral

This Cathedral is spectacular, if you are in the area visit it. For more information on  Winchester Cathedral visit their website: