Tiny Hippo Mails Letter in London

I must keep in touch with my friends at home while I am staying in the United Kingdom!

Let the letter writing begin.

Make sure the envelope is well licked.

Apply all the proper postage.

Hmm… not sure where those stains came from.

Into the Queen’s Royal Mail.

Arriving at the Flat in Earl’s Court

I had quite an adventure getting into our flat in Earl’s Court.

Finding the proper flat was a bit of a trick.

Then I had to open the heavy gate.

Next I had to navigate my way down the stone stairs.

Once I had made it down the stairs it was time to focus on the front door.

I had the house keys, it seemed simple enough.

But how would I turn the key once I got up there? Oh bother, keys were just not made for hippos, perhaps mail slots were.

Home at last.

Kew Gardens: The Adventure Begins

While visiting Kew Gardens I met a very strange creature. He was fluffy and cute like me, he had some strange pink tentacles, and a reserved disposition.

Photo taken in the Princess of Wales Conservatory at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens


He did not seem to be very talkative, but we had a nice sit together before I went on my way.

The British Museum: Explored by a Tiny Hippo

I visited the British Museum today, met some very interesting people.

Some were warriors.

This gentlemen would not let me drive his chariot, but he did give me a lift between galleries.

There were some disheveled looking people, but they were very nice.

I met a frantic lady from Egypt called Isis, she was looking for her husband.

I wanted to introduce myself to a youth named Ganymede, but he seemed more interested in this eagle than in anything I had to say.

I compared shoe size with this giant disembodied foot, it was a draw because we could not figure out the conversion.

There was a very angry horse that wanted someone to talk to, I hung around to listen to him until he calmed down.

To end my visit to the British Museum, I practiced meditation techniques with the master.