Harajuku and a Tiny Hippo

Rabbit Mannequin in Harajuku

For great people watching in Tokyo, I head to Harajuku

Tiny Hippo Finds a Hiding Place

I like to find an out-of-the-way place where I can watch the crowds without getting trampled, don’t mind my assistant.

Tiny Hippo Hides

Once I am safely tucked away, let’s wait and see who will come along.

Waldos in Harajuku

Oh oh look there, a group of Waldos!

Sailor Moon

Here we see Sailor Moon handing out some moon candies

Harajuku Girl

This Harajuku girl is sporting the cutest of all bunny bags

Harajuku Girls

And last but not least, these rad girls nom on some pastries while strolling (do the kids still say rad?)

This is Tiny Hippo reporting to you from Harajuku, Tokyo. For more of my Tokyo adventures click here, see you next time!

Tiny Hippo Has a Rest

Edo Print Light

Break up the trudge of sightseeing with some relaxing moments

Swan Boat Shinobazu Pond in Ueno

Watch people pedal around in giant swan boats on Shinobazu pond, very relaxing


Contemplate the koi fish at Sensō-ji temple, they will be interested in you too

Tea and Cake in Tokyo

Indulge in tea and cake in Harajuku, nom nom nom

Cat Subway Train, Tokyo

Best of all, finish the day with a ride on the allusive cat subway car

Cat Subway Train, Tokyo

Seriously, the whole car is full of cute photos of cats, you can’t help but be happy!

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Tiny Hippo Visits Mori Art Museum

Tiny Hippo at Mori Art Museum Tokyo City View

I went to Mori Art Museum and had lots of fun.

Tiny Hippo Tokyo City View

On the Tokyo City View Sky Deck even the tiniest of hippos can feel like king of the world.

Cafe at Mori Art Museum Tokyo

In the cafe, you could make your own masterpieces.

Tiny Hippo Colors

I colored in a pen drawing inspired by the Pixiv exhibition at the museum.

Tiny Hippo with the Best Parfait

The trip concluded with dessert, the cutest parfait ever!

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