The George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland

The George Peabody Library is a beautiful library that is a must see for any bibliophile in the Baltimore, Maryland area. The library, designed by architect Edmund G. Lind, was opened in 1878.

Stacks of the George Peabody Library

The stacks of the library are impressive and awe-inspiring

George Peabody Library

Five tiers of balconies surround the reading area of the library

George Peabody Library Skylight

The cathedral-like space is heightened with the giant skylight that stretches the width of the room

George Peabody Library Staircase

The public is not allowed to go upstairs into the stacks, but there is plenty to entertain the curios on the first floor

George Peabody Library Card Catalog and a Tiny Hippo

You can browse the card catalog, they didn’t seem to have any books on Tiny Hippos, though

George Peabody Library Tables with Tiny Hippo

There are plenty of study tables that can be used for research purposes

George Peabody Library Magic Lantern

I found this strange Magic Lantern device, is it bigger on the inside, perhaps?

George Peabody Library EXIT Light

We had a great time in the beautiful George Peabody Library


Baltimore Sculptures

While visiting Baltimore I made sure to take sometime to see the bronze sculptures that grace the parks around the Washington Monument in the neighborhood of Mount Vernon (at the intersection of North Charles Street and Mount Vernon Place).

Baltimore's Washington Monument

The Washington Monument stands tall behind the Marquis de Lafayette atop his noble steed.

Seated Lion by Antoine-Louis Barye

The horse wasn’t the only dignified creature gracing the parks of Mount Vernon, this seated lion was very stoic, if not a bit aloof.

Boy with Turtle Fountain

There was a wee turtle and a child playing in a fountain

Naiad Fountain by Grace Turnbull

A pretty lady was doing stretches in one of the fountains

Military Courage by Paul Dubois

I found this soldier with a smashing good hat

Military Courage by Paul Dubois

Isn’t that a great dragon?

Antoine-Louis Barye Force Sculpture

There was a series of four sculptures representing different themes. This one is Force, he seemed very stern.

Antoine-Louis Barye War Sculpture

The War sculpture had a helmet that was the perfect for protecting a Tiny Hippo

Antoine-Louis Barye Peace Sculpture

The Peace statue was very relaxing

Antoine-Louis Barye Order Sculpture

Order was the most frightening statue, I had to run away from a very large cat!

The sculptures and fountains that grace the parks of Mount Vernon are definitely worth a visit, see you there!